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Protection Update

ISEA published Protection Update as a quarterly supplement to EHS Today from 2005 to 2013.  The purpose of the newsletter was to raise awareness about the importance of members' products in keeping workers out of harm's way.  Each issue included an in-depth cover article on worker protection; updates on industry, government and association activities, and regular features such as "Making Workers Safer Around the Nation," "Construction Corner," "Safety Equipment Works for You," "OSHA $100,000 Club of Safety Citations" and ISEA member company profiles.

The lead article in the October 2013 Protection Update stresses the importance of putting the "personal" in personal protective equipment - making sure that employees understand that the need for PPE is all about keeping them safe, not complying with rules.  Other featues include articles on respiratory protection in abrasive blasting and emergency eyewash stations, a spotlight on Capital Safety, and Construction Corner.

Hand protection is the focus of the July 2013 Protection Update, with feature articles on glove selection, moisture management to keep hands dry, and in-service testing of rubber insulating gloves.  The issue also includes a roster of the latest QSSP graduates, news from ISEA members and other organizations, and a profile of ISEA member company Ergodyne.

How does a company maintain a "culture of safety" that reduces serious injuries and fatalities?  In the April 2013 Protection Update, John Montigny of Honeywell Safety Products examines the importance of sustainable core values in reaching the goal of zero harm.  Also in this issue are articles on PPE for meth lab response and cleanup, updates on industry and association activities, and a profile of ISEA member Kimberly-Clark Professional.

In Protection Update for February 2013, Jeff Birkner of Moldex-Metric provides a cover article on the importance of comfort as a component of respirator fit, J.P Sankpill of U.S. Safety reminds readers that no PPE is "ANSI certified" or "OSHA approved," and the company profile highlights Vostok Service. 

In the October 2012 Protection Update, read feature articles about protecting the "invisible" worker with high-visibility apparel and headgear, and a unique way to calculate and maanage PPE expenses in your company.  There's a profile of Sellstrom Manufacturing, Construction Corner," and a wrap-up of ISEA's Washington roundtable on confined space safety.

The July 2012 Protection Update is all about fall protection:  U.S. Safety's Vanessa Mays writes about care and maintenance of soft goods; Craig Firl of Capital Safety covers three topics that are often overlooked, and MSA's Marc Hopkins and Kimberly Lewis review ANSI's steel erection standard.  There's also a profile of member company Gateway Safety, plus industry and association news.

Preventing hearing loss is the cover feature in the April 2012 Protection Update.  Brad Witt of Howard Leight/Honeywell reviews the technology and latest products for hearing protection and fit testing.  Articles on QSSP, a NIOSH/OSHA fall protection campaign and member company MSA round out the spring issue.

An article by safety pro J.A. Rodriguez of Raytheon Technical Services headlines the February 2012 Protection Update (read it here).  He writes about motivation - how to get workers to "love their PPE," and stay whole and healthy on the job.  In addition to the regular features, this issue profiles ISEA Distinguished Service Award winner John Salce, and an inside look at ISEA member Dräger Safety.

In the lead article for the October 2011 Protection Update (online here), Steve Misiano of True North gear describes how to "layer up" to adapt to changing temperatures in winter.  The issue also includes standards and regulatory updates, and a profile of member company Miller Safety at Height, part of Honeywell Safety Products.

Are the roofers in your neighborhood wearing fall protection harnesses? The lead article in the July 2011 Protection Update (online here) explains why they should be, and how OSHA is now enforcing its fall protection regulations for residential construction. Also in this issue you'll find tips to encourage fall protection compliance, links to OSHA guidance materials, and true-life accounts of workers whose lives were saved because they were tied off. Other features are updates on personal protective technologies and PPE regulations, and a profile of member company FSI North America.

The cover of the May 2011 Protection Upate (online here) shows PPE in one of the harshest environments imaginable - the South Pole. The lead article details the regulatory, legal, environmental and cultural challenges to supplying workers with PPE around the world. Also in this issue are articles on ISEA's respose to OSHA fall protection proposals, the revised ANSI//ISEA 105 standard for hand protection, and a profile of Ansell Protective Products.

The lead article in the February 2011 Protection Update (online here) shows how the proper respiratory protection keeps EMS workers alive and healty on the job. Other features in the issue include articles about ISEA standards and activities and a profile of member company Tingley Rubber.

A regular feature of Protection Update is "Safety Equipment Works for You," first-person accounts of how the use of personal protective equipment has prevented injuries and saved lives. The October 2010 Protection Update includes a special feature, reprinting the very best of "Safety Equipment Works for You" from the last ten years. ISEA believes these real-life stories are a vivid testament to the importance of wearing and using the correct PPE, and we've collected them all here.
To read the entire October 2010 Protection Update (pdf format) click here.

For July 2010, Protection Update (the online edition is here) leads with an article appropriate for summer - preventing insect-borne diseases. Greg Schrab of Ergodyne explains the dangers of Lyme disease and West Nile virus, and how you can ward off the bugs with with insect repellant and treated apparel. There's also a profile of member company US Safety (the first in a series).  

The April 2010 edition (available online here) focuses on PPE for women, with a Joe Walker article about how manufacturers are designing and building equipment to meet the special needs of women in the workforce. You'll also find product information from ISEA member companies on eye protection, fall protection, hand protection. head protection, hearing protection, protective apparel and respirator made with women in mind.

Leading off the February 2010 Protection Update (available online here) is a feature from Sperian Hearing Protection's Brad Wit on how bad assumptions about hearing protection can be hazardous. This issue also carries reports on ISEA's revised ANSI emergency eyewash and shower standard and enhanced Web site.