ANSI/ISEA 113-2008

American National Standard for Fixed and Portable Decontamination Shower Units

ISEA has published an American National Standard for decontamination showers.   Developed to meet the needs of emergency first responders and health care facilities, ANSI/ISEA 113-2008 provides manufacturers, users, and specifiers with a consistent set of design guidance in the form of minimum performance requirements and testing procedures for decontamination showers.

In the years following the 9-11 attacks, portable hazmat decontamination shower systems of all types have appeared in the North American marketplace - from homemade plastic and saw horse showers to single user pneumatic and metal framed shower units and multiple line 3- and 4- stage mass casualty shower systems. While most products were well-intentioned, no actual standard in terms of flow rates, water stream, shower head placement, and other pertinent performance characteristics existed prior to the development of this standard.  

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