ANSI/ISEA Z358.1-2009

American National Standard for Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment

This standard covers plumbed and self-contained emergency showers and emergency eyewash equipment, eye/face wash equipment, combination units, personal wash units and hand-held drench hoses. These systems are found in manufacturing facilities, construction sites, laboratories, medical offices and other workplaces.

This globally accepted standard is the authoritative document that specifies minimum performance criteria for flow rates, temperature, and drenching patterns – all characteristics that are important for a user to receive adequate rinsing of a contaminant in an emergency situation. Equally as important are the requirements and maintenance directives for the installer to ensure that the equipment is available in proper working condition.

ANSI/ISEA Z358.1-2009 was prepared by the ISEA and was reviewed by a consensus panel of key stakeholders representing architects, healthcare facilities, chemical and safety professionals and government agencies.

Among the most notable revisions in the 2009 edition is the inclusion of defined temperature parameters for flushing fluid delivery. “It is critical that persons in need of emergency flushing be provided with equipment that can adequately remove the hazardous contaminant from the skin or eye tissue without creating further discomfort,” said Jim Johnson, chairman of the ISEA Emergency Eyewash and Shower Group and general manager of Encon Safety Products. “By defining a suitable delivery temperature of 60 -100?F, the standard seeks to ensure that the victim continues flushing the affected area to minimize any damage.”

Other significant changes from the 2004 version include clarification of certification procedures that allows for freedom in designing compliant equipment and the expansion of criteria for personal washes to ensure that they meet any applicable regulatory requirements. Additionally, illustrations have been updated to reflect design configurations that are known to meet the criteria in the standard.

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