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Market Intelligence Digest

ISEA constantly scans the Internet and publications to find articles of interest to safety equipment marketers.  These include company news and product announcements, as well as articles about safety and health at work, regulation and legislation, homeland security, mining and construction, highlighting the latest research, conferences and expositions, and international developments. Each week, links to these sources are compiled in a Market Intelligence Digest (MID).   The digest is posted to the Web site, and sent by e-mail to subscribers.

The MID will be distributed once a week with the following sections:

  • ISEA News, Safety Industry & Member News
  • Washington Update
  • Emerging PPE and Global News

Subscriptions to the Market Intelligence Digest (MID) are free to ISEA members, and there's no limit to the number of people from a company who can receive the e-mails.  For more information, please contact ISEA's communications director Lydia Baugh.

To sign up for the MID please click here, to read past copies of the MID, click on the archive copies below.

2015 Market Intelligence Digest (MID) Archives

MID January 5, 2015
MID January 12, 2015
MID January 19, 2015
MID January 26, 2015

MID February 2, 2015

MID February 9, 2015
MID February 16, 2015
MID February 23, 2015

MID March 2, 2015
MID March 9, 2015
MID March 16, 2015
MID March 23, 2015
MID March 30, 2015

MID April 6, 2015
MID April 13, 2015
MID April 20, 2015
MID April 27, 2015

MID May 7, 2015
MID May12, 2015
MID May 18, 2015
MID May 26, 2015

MID June 2, 2015
MID June 8, 2015
MID June 15, 2015
MID June 22, 2015
MID June 29, 2015

MID July 20, 2015
MID July 27, 2015

MID Aug 3, 2015
MID Aug 10, 2015
MID Aug 18, 2015
MID Aug 25, 2015
MID Aug 31, 2015